Contoh curiculum Vitae / CV bahasa inggris

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Detail

Full name                : Sara Manar Haq

Sex                        : Female

Place, Date of Birth    : Bandung, 17nd April 1996

Nationality                : Indonesia

Health                     : Good

Religion                   : Moslem

Address                   : Kp. Bojong Ds.Cikuya, Cicalengka, Bandung.

Phone                     : 0800000000

Email                      :

Educational background

2000 – 2001             : Bina Muda Kinder Garten, Cicalengka

2001 – 2007             : Cisoga Elemtary School No.1, Cikancung

2007 – 2010             : Cicalengka Junior High School No.1, Cicalengka

2010 – 2014             : Bandung Vocational High School No.13, Bandung


Personal Skills

A few could speak english, could operate a computer, and good became public speaking.



Honest, like children, creative, discipline, an adaptable, conscientious, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individual with exposure to a wide range of areas. Possessing excellent communication skills combined with the ability to relate well to people at all levels.



Learn, biology, math, novel, music, knitt, and cinema some times.


Additional Information

I have graduated from 13 vocational high school in 2014 and i good to absorb the lesson there. I like learning and often get the first rank. I like biology, mathematics, chemistry, indonesian lesson and often won in olympic biology and physics at school.




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